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Cat's Eye

How It Started

In 2018 Celery City Cat Cafe, a nonprofit organization, was formed to bring a cat cafe to Sanford, Florida. However, finding a location was much harder than we anticipated. Finally in early 2020 we found a landlord that agreed to having cats on their property. Then Covid-19 started popping up and we were uncomfortable signing a lease not knowing what the future held.  A few months later one of our board members began helping a woman in Sanford with TNVRing a colony of cats she came across.  Appointments were hard to come by and most places were booked out for months.  In December of 2020 the idea of Central Florida Community Pet Clinic was brought up at our last board meeting of the year. We began looking for a location and found our home here in DeBary, FL.  In 2023 we changed our name with the IRS to reflect our commitment to low cost spay/neuters.

How It's Going

Since opening in May of 2021 we have spayed and neutered 13,612 pets and community cats.
Distributed over 1,000lbs of pet food through our community pet pantry.

Golden Dog
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