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Book Online-Cats Only



If your cat has fleas at the time of surgery we will treat and you will be responsible for payment. 
Please call the clinic at 386-320-0503 to book a dog appointment.


Domestic cats $75

Purebred cats $100 (Sphynx, Bengal, Maine Coon, etc...)

All patients receive a tattoo at the time of surgery



If you are unsure of the sex of your cat, please book it as a female. 

If your cat is on any antibiotics they are not a candidate for surgery.

If you are booking 3+ appointments for the same day, a 50% deposit is required.

Do not use this to book appointments for feral cats, we accept feral walk-ins on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Please put the age of your cat and any additional services you would like in the notes sections.  Cats 7 and older must have pre-surgical bloodwork within 2 weeks of surgery date.

If your cat is current on vaccines, bring paperwork proof of a rabies vaccine (a tag does not count).

Cats must be in a clean carrier with a towel in it. Only one cat per carrier allowed.  If more than one cat arrives in the carrier and they are crowded you will be charged $12 for a cardboard carrier.

Drop off for all cats is between 8-845am.  If you arrive late, we may turn you away.

Pickup is at 4pm, no later. There is a $25 late fee for every 15 minutes you are late. 

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