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Community Partners


Maddie's Fund

Maddie was a beloved Miniature Schnauzer whose unconditional love, loyalty and spirit inspired a revolution.

Dave and Cheryl Duffield founded Maddie's Fund® in 1994 to honor their delightfully feisty dog. While playing together in the living room one evening, they made her a promise: If they ever had any money, they would use it to help companion animals and the people who love them, so they could experience the same joy they had with Maddie. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dave and Cheryl made good on that promise after successfully launching several technology companies. In their lifetime, they have given more of their personal wealth to animal welfare than any other individuals. All thanks to Maddie.

Central Florida Community Pet Clinic is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund®


Petco Love


​Our Mission

  1. Encourage fellowship, camaraderie, and friendship to women who request membership and meet the membership criteria via regularly scheduled monthly activities including, but not limited to, group lunches/dinners/other functions of general interest.

  2. Support and shop local small business with scheduled activities and everyday life. 

  3. Support and assist other 501(c)3 charitable organizations in achieving their proprietary goals through advertisement, participation, think tank activity, monetary contributions, and any other legal enterprise that may be beneficial to those entities.

Floral Fate Design Co.


To purposely serve in spreading joy, diversity, awareness, and beauty – while inspiring celebrations of humanity, life, and our accomplishments – good or bad, big or small. All through the gifts of imagination, fresh flowers, and design.

Petco Love was founded in 1999, formalizing Petco's longstanding commitment to animal welfare. Over the years, we've served as a leader and valued partner in animal welfare, always focusing on one thing: Creating a better world for animals and the people who love and need them. In April 2021, we took the next step in our lifesaving mission and adopted a new name, Petco Love. We will continue to lead the way every day to harness the power of love to make communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier--and create a future in which no pet is unnecessarily euthanized.

Central Florida Community Pet Clinic's lifesaving work is proudly supported by Petco Love.

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